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Of the 177 bird species endemic to Southern Africa, 77 are found in in the VRD area! So it was definitely time to start a bird watchers club. Salome Willemse, the driving force behind the founding of the Namaqua Birders Club, is an enthusiastic birder who keeps everyone on their toes and ensures that not a single week passes without an excursion hoping for yet another sighting to tick off on our individual lists. In the VRD, Kobee and Gifberg area alone, aproximately 108 different species are to be found. The club logo displays the Namaqua Warbler. Our first formal outing was end of March 2014. We braved the Deep-Kobee and what an unforgettable experience! Amongst the many birds we saw was also the Jackal Buzzard and Verreaux’s Eagle. What a treat to observe the smaller species and endeavour to identify thier calls and mating habits – there were the bokmakierie; acacia pied barbet; large-billed lark; cape clapper lark; vleiloerie, southern boubou and many more. We live in a bird paradise. Come and enjoy a day with us, bring your binocs and should you not be familiar with the area,

Jacques & Nadia Tredoux are two very knowledgable and energetic tour guides.

Contact them on: 078 747 3158 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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