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Who says you only come to Namaqualand for flowers? We took a ride up OU BERG yesterday...Ou Berg is the hind part of what is known as the Gifberg...altogether officially known as the Matzikama mountain. We chose the Pendoornkraal route (a circular route going up to the top of the mountain via Urionskraal and back down via Ou Berg, past Waterval’s gate and back onto the Urionskraal road).  The rock formations alongside the road are amazing..... and we played an old game,  driving thru this rocky area, where you try to see/associate every formation of  rock...we spotted many a creature from crocodiles to bush babies,  Babylon’s gardens and Tutankhamen’s temple!!!??? The view from the top is absolutely astonishing...you can see for miles and miles at end; and the fynbos, just like the rooibos tea fields are lush and green.  AND there is still quite a bit of wild flowers to be seen!!
Travelling towards the mountain you go past kilometres of vineyards and still more is being planted alongside the road. Mostly table grapes, grown and exported for the European market.  The boxed grapes are hauled/carried by huge trucks to get the grapes as soon as possible to the export depot!    
Another favourite route in this area is the Kobee valley.... same kind of topography. These routes are very popular with mountain bikers and each December we get guests who come just for doing the gravel mountain passes.
Pictures were all taken in the Ouberg area.


Aan't Dorpseind B&B 2016

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